New publications

# Porcu, E., Benz, K. M., Ball, F., Tempelmann, C., Hanke, M., & Noesselt, T. (2020). Information-based taste maps in insular cortex are shaped by stimulus concentration. PNAS.       Preprint on BioRxiv

Announcing 4th Modelling Symposium: Deep Neural Networks

We will launch our 24th Modelling Symposium in July 2020. Check out our website.

New publications

# Ball, F., Groth, R.M., Agostino, C.S., Porcu, E., & Noesselt, T. (2019). Explicitly vs. implicitly driven temporal expectations: No evidence for altered perceptual processing due to top-down modulations. Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics. (accepted for publication)


# Agostino, C.S., Zana, Y., Balci, F., & Claessens, P.ME. (2019). Effect of Presentation Format on Judgment of Long-Range Time Intervals. Frontiers in PsychologyPubMed


# Liepelt, R., Porcu, E., Stenzel, A., & Lappe M. (2019). Saccadic eye movements do not trigger a joint Simon effect.  Psychon Bull Rev. PubMed


New publication in eLife

# Ripollés, P., Ferreri, L., Mas-Herrero, E., Alicart, H., Gómez-Andrés, A., Marco-Pallares, J., Antonijoan, R.M., Noesselt, T., Valle, M., Riba, J., & Rodriguez-Fornells, A. (2018). Intrinsically regulated learning is modulated by synaptic dopamine signaling. eLife. OpenAccessArticle

New publication in Scientific Reports

# Ball, F., Fuehrmann, F., Stratil, F., & Noesselt, T. (2018). Phasic and sustained interactions of multisensory interplay and temporal expectation. Scientific Reports. OpenAccessArticle

Poster presentation at Salzburg Mind-Brain Annual Meeting

"Phasic and sustained performance enhancement by combining multisensory interplay and temporal expectation" by Felix Ball & Toemme Noesselt

New publication in Frontiers in Psychology

# Dittrich, S. & Noesselt, T. (2018). Temporal Audiovisual Motion Prediction in 2D- vs. 3D-Environments. Frontiers in Psychology. OpenAccessArticle

Symposium on Bayesian Modelling

We will launch our 2nd Bayes Symposium in July 2018. Registration is free of charge. Check out our website.

New publication in European Journal of Neuroscience

# Schroeder, S. C. Y., Ball, F., Busch, N. A. (2018). The Role of Alpha Oscillations in Distractor Inhibition during Memory Retention. European Journal of Neuroscience. PubMed


New publication in Journal of Neuroscience

# Ripollés, P., Biel, D., Peñaloza, C., Kaufmann, J., Marco-Pallarés, J., Noesselt, T.*, Rodríguez-Fornells, A.* (2017). STRENGTH OF TEMPORAL WHITE MATTER PATHWAYS PREDICTS SEMANTIC LEARNING. Journal of Neuroscience. [Epub ahead of print]                  * shared last authors

New publication in European Journal of Neuroscience

# Starke, J.*, Ball, F.*, Heinze, H.J., & Noesselt, T. (2017). The spatio-temporal profile of multisensory integration. EJN. [Epub ahead of print]           * shared 1st authors

2 poster presentations at 1st Conference of the Timing Research Forum

  • "The fate of temporal expectations in noisy environments: Robust extraction of temporal regularities is limited to multisensory events" by Felix Ball, Lara Michels, Toemme Noesselt
  • "The effect of abstract numerals on long-range time interval estimation" by Camila S. Agostino, Peter Claessens, Fuat Balci, Yossi Zana

New publication in Cognition

# Ball, F., Michels, L. E., Thiele, C., & Noesselt, T. (2017). The role of multisensory interplay in enabling temporal expectations. Cognition. 170, 130-146. [Epub ahead of print]

Symposium on Temporal Expectations

"You know it's time: The beneficial effects of temporal attention on perception" - Symposium at ICON 2017. Speakers: Freek van Ede & Kia Nobre, Felix Ball, Jennifer Coull, Theodore Zanto

New publication in NeuroImage

# Zierul, B., Röder, B., Tempelmann, C., Bruns, P., & Noesselt, T. (2017). The role of auditory cortex in the spatial ventriloquism aftereffect. NeuroImage. [Epub ahead of print]. PubMed

New publication in HBM

# Pohl, T. M., Tempelmann, C., & Noesselt, T. (2017). How task demands shape brain responses to visual food cues. Human Brain Mapping, 38(6), 2897-2912. PubMed

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