4th Modelling Symposium:

Introducing Deep Neural Networks

Organized by Felix Ball, Peter Vavra & Tömme Noesselt

Funded by ...


We are currently organising the upcoming 4th Modelling Symposium


Please check out this website around December 2019 for further details. We should have more precise information by then (e.g. exact schedule etc.). However, location and dates are already set.

When & Where


  • 27.07.2020 - 31.07.2020


  • 28.07.2020; Start 7 pm
  • We will dine at the Hoflieferant. Please register for the dinner so we can book a table. The dinner is optional and self-paid.

Wednesday off!

  • There has to be some time to digest!


  • Universitätsplatz campus, Gebäude 28, room 27

Detailed Program (subject to changes)

1st half of week




  • (minimal) machine learning basics
  • common building blocks, design patterns and architectures (e.g. CNNs, RNNs, Inception-, Dense-, Residual and U-Nets, attention mechanisms, Transformers)
  • common applications including image, audio and text processing

2nd half of week



  • optimisation and regularization techniques
  • introspection (how to analyse what a model has learned and diagnose errors)
  • model compression and transfer learning
  • best practices and general workflows
  • optionally, a sneak peak into training generative models

Software, Code, Equipment, & Requirements

All information will be regularely updated, so please check for updates!


Software: ...


Code: Code will be available in the download section at the end of this page. After registration, we will provide the password.


Equipment: You will need a laptop. You will need ....  We will provide power sockets.


Requirements: ....



Will start end 2019/begin 2020


Restricted number of attendees


As we only have one tutor this year, the number of attendees is limited to 30 people.




To cover the costs for the Symposium, we'll have a mandatory fee per attendee. Although, we provide a 4-day Symposium, we try to keep the costs as minimal as possible. As we are sponsored by the "Neurowissenschaftliche Gesellschaft" (NWG), the fee depends on your affiliation:


NWG member            : workshop is free of charge

Non-NWG member : 150 €

All attendees              : Social events are self-payed


As every year, we will provide a full catering (non-alcoholic beverages, snacks in every break as well as lunch). For all Non-NWG member, catering costs are included in the fee. NWG members can choose to pay an optional fee (70 €) to use the catering. We most likely choose again Yodett as catering company. A fee reduction for the catering depends on whether we are able to secure additional funding (which allows to pay catering).


In case you also want to attend the dinner (self paid), you will also have to transfer a 30 € security deposit. At the dinner, we will hand back the deposit. The deposit is only to assure that you either attend the dinner or cancel in time (at least 1 week in advance). If you just drop out, the deposit will be used to pay the restaurant for their loss and you will not be refunded.


Please note that we cannot refund the fee and the deposit. Refund depends on whether we find someone to take your spot (or finding sponsors for catering).


By registering, you agree to the abovementioned terms.


Present your data


Based on the great success of last year's session, also this year you will have the opportunity to discuss your data and potential analyses with our speaker. If you're interested in doing so, please indicate it in the registration form below. We will ask you to present your project to the audience in a 5 min presentation on Friday morning.


Poster presentations are also welcome (again indicate below). Depending on demand, we will provide an appropriate slot. 


Motivational statement


Please provide a short and concise motivational statement (max. 300 words). This statement will be part of the selection process. We will make a decision by begin/mid of April 2020 and confirm your attendance by the 15th of April latest.


Register for symposium and dinner


We will add the registration End of 2019/begin of 2020




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