2nd Modelling Symposium:

Introducing Basic and Advanced Bayesian Modelling

Organized by Felix Ball, Emanuele Porcu, Nico Marek, & Tömme Noesselt

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30.07.2018 - 03.08.2018

The 2nd Modelling Symposium, held in Magdeburg, Germany, provided a mix of theoretical and application-oriented introductions to Bayesian modelling. The symposium was split into two parts: basic and advanced Bayesian modelling (2 days each).


The workshop was open for everyone including Bachelor students. We only asked for a minimal fee (100 € for all days) to be able to cover catering costs. All attendees were asked to bring a laptop and prepare themselves to program in R as this was the coding language used during the workshop. In addition, everyone was supposed to have a basic understanding of statistics.


Throughout the workshop, we covered topics such as data preparation in R, basic concepts of Bayesian statistics, model comparison, GLMs, pros and cons of Bayesian statistics, fitting response times, ordinal and non-linear models, fitting ideal observers etc.

Tutor: Dr. Paul-Christian Bürkner

He is a Ph.D. statistician currently working at the University of Münster (Germany), Department of Psychology. Previously, he has studied Psychology and Mathematics at the universities of Münster and Hagen. See here for an overview of his scientific publications. His research interests are Bayesian Inference, Multilevel Models, Optimal Design, & Meta-Analysis. Further, he created the software package "brms" (Bayesian Regression Models using Stan). We are happy to welcome such an experienced and excellent scientist as this years tutor for our workshop.

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